Drone Applications for Smart Warehouse

23-24 February 2019

What is the Kerry Logistics Hackathon?

The Kerry Logistics Hackathon is an event where a select group of hackers will be given two days to develop the fastest and most accurate autonomous drones in capturing information on warehouses.

As part of this elite group, you will work together with drone engineers who share the same passion for autonomous drones. With them, you will use a mixture of robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create the best path for the drones to move around and capture information on warehouses.

Professional mentors and industry-leading technology partners will also guide you in learning how to maneuver and program autonomous drones. You also get to explore cool machine learning applications such as computer vision and deep learning to extract information from the videos that the drones capture.

Join us on 23-24 February 2019 as we build the logistics of the future with “Drone Applications for Smart Warehouse”.

Team Rules

Drone Engineering

Provide expertise in best practices on operating drones

Application Development

Write code to teach the drone how to fly using Java, Swift, or C#

Cloud Computing

Use Microsoft Azure cloud computing services to perform analysis

3 to 5 Members

Each team must consist of at least one drone engineer and one application developer

Team or Individual

You can apply as a team or form a team before the hackathon


Saturday (Feb 23 2019)

Opening Ceremony

Sunday (Feb 24 2019)

Drone Racing
Final Pitch Presentations
Awards and Closing Ceremony


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Drone Training Programme

Drone Operation

During this phase, we will teach you how to operate the drone.

Beta Testing + Computer Vision

During this phase, you will test the drone and learn to do computer vision.

Connect with us


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Hong Kong


Phone: (852) 3705 1019

E-mail: hackathon@kerrylogistics.com

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