What do I need to bring to the event? Is there a dress code?

As this is a drone hackathon, please bring a laptop or tablet with a wi-fi connection which you can programme with.

We recommend bringing your own water bottle and clothes to keep yourself hydrated and warm in the warehouse. We do not require you to wear any particular set of clothes. You may wear what is comfortable.

What particular skill profiles are you looking for? What does the participant screening process involve?

We are looking for drone engineers who have experience flying drones and understands basic drone mechanics.

We are also looking for application developers who can program using Java, Swift or C#. With these programming languages, they will be flying the drones autonomously with specific tasks to be revealed later.

We will use a Microsoft computer vision API to process the video captured by the drones. Thus prior experience in computer vision, machine learning or deep learning is not a strict requirement.

The participant screening process is for us to verify the information written in the applications and vet the quality of the participants. This involves looking through the participant’s LinkedIn profile, portfolio (on GitHub, personal website/blog, etc.) and other sources as appropriate.

Do I need to form a team before coming to the event? What if I want to participate as a team? How do I sign up?

No. You can either sign up for the event as an individual or as a team. If you are signing up as an individual, there will be an opportunity for you to form your team after submitting your application.

If you want to participate as a team, please have your team leader buy multiple tickets during check out. Afterwards, when confirming your order, please add the details of all the team members under one registration session.

If you choose to sign up separately with other team members, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed together in the same team.

I have some prior engagements or work during parts of the hackathon. Do I have to stay at the event for both days?

Yes. Programming autonomous drones require a lot of effort and focus to build. Therefore we request that you be at the warehouse throughout the duration of the event. Moreover, we also require you to attend our two drone training sessions (dates to be announced) to ensure that you can start coding the weekend of the hack.

What's the refund policy? Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Participation in this event is FREE. The HK$120 'ticket price' is simply a deposit and it will be fully refunded after the event.

Only "no shows" will be charged. If you are not able to join the event, please notify us by email at hackathon@kerrylogistics.com.

If you choose to transfer your registration to a friend, a colleague or some other person, you must email us to cancel the registration first, refund your deposit and then have that person sign up on her/his own accord.

For refunds or transfers, please do so at least 7 days before the event. Late notification will not be accepted and refund/transfer requests will not be entertained.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, but please make sure that the name you used to register for the event is EXACTLY the same as that on a valid government-issued ID, e.g. Hong Kong Identity Card, China Resident Identity Card, passport issued by a foreign government body, etc.

Can I update my registration information? What if the name on my registration does not match the person who attends?

Unless it's information that directly impacts your role at the Kerry Logistics Hackathon, e.g. occupation and employer information, we advise against updating your registration information.

The name on your registration must EXACTLY MATCH that on an official government-issued ID, e.g. Hong Kong Identity Card, China Resident Identity Card, passport issued by a foreign government body, etc.

We reserve the right to refuse entry if we do not find your name on our registration list, so please reserve your spot here and make sure that you use the exact name on your ID when you register.

In what language will the hackathon be conducted in?

The hack will be officially conducted in English. Note that there will be participants who will speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and other languages at the event.

How can I contact the organiser for questions?

Please email us at hackathon@kerrylogistics.com if you have any questions.